Pelvic Health Free Webcast — 5 Comments

  1. am interested in the webcast. I have had 5 abdominal operations and definitely have pelvic floor dysfunction
    I am 89 years old and have degenerative disc disease and
    siatica pain while sleeping which abates when I have a
    bowel movement which I have not had till recently . Have
    been constipated and have had hard stools and a bit of
    urine leakage earlier.

    • The short answer is yes this type of program would help, however, the more accurate answer is that the program has to be tailored for men because their needs will be different. If there’s enough interest, we may create a program for men in the future. They also have the option of becoming a private client so that they will get the proper training to correct the underlying problems.

  2. I am a 76 year old female. I have had 4 vaginal births, all alive & kicking to this day. In this past year I have had numerous bladder infections, increasing incontinence (I wear pads every day), constipation and have not had sexual intercourse for about 10 years due to extreme pain during intercourse and now low libido. I have had no surgeries and was on HRT for over 25 years but stopped when I was 60 when there was some medical scares about continued long-term use. I have tried downloading the free copy of your book “20 Early Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.”

    • Hi Charlotte, if you’re having trouble accessing the file, please contact the office directly and we would be happy to help! We have lots of ladies in our course who are experiencing similar problems. In fact, one of our students was able to engage with her husband sexually after abstaining for 22 years due to pain, discomfort and pelvic organ prolapse.

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