Lorraine Pursell

Lorraine Pursell – Self-Love Coach

Lorraine was once a clueless single mom, Lorraine vowed to be the best parent possible. She underwent years of counseling, which was so effective that she became a counselor to help others. She got her Bachelor’s is in Organizational Behavior at University of San Francisco, Master’s in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling at City University in Bellevue, Washington, post-graduate Educational Therapy Certification from University of California, Santa Cruz, and then received board certification as an Educational Therapist.

She mentors & coaches individuals, couples, families and entrepreneurs into their greatest desires for personal happiness, love and financial abundance. As her clients follow her guidance, their health, relationships and lives improve.

More recently, Lorraine has developed the Women’s Self-Love Journey where she helps women reconnect with themselves and heal the wounded parts within so that they can find peace and joy within.