Grace Diaz

Grace Diaz – Jade Egg Expert

Grace Diaz’s passion for healing began at the age of ten, when her father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated her as a Reiki practitioner. At the age of 19, she moved to Medellin, Colombia to intensify her Reiki studies. On this 5 month sabbatical her father initiated her as a Reiki master and she began co-hosting biweekly Reiki retreats to promote spiritual growth for their community. Upon her return to the United States in 2010, she began teaching Reiki all over the east coast.

Grace was introduced to Tantra, sacred sexuality, in 2008, and began practicing it full-time to reclaim her Highest Self. During the fall of 2011, she became initiated into Shakti-Pakti Tantric Guru Yoga and started hosting Tantra workshops and retreats. Currently, she am pursuing her PhD in women’s sexual health in order to spread the wisdom of sexual healing.